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IMPORTANT NEWS! A solution to the mystery of Monacello 3 I am very sorry to say that it has been decided not to go ahead with .publication of the final part of the Monacello trilogy(That's how the book industry is right now, I'm afraid.) I feel really badly towards readers who, having bought the first two books, have been left hanging.   So I have decided to PUBLISH PART THREE,  Monacello:  Anything but Perfect, RIGHT HERE, ON THE WEBSITE.   In due course, I am hoping all three books can published in one satisfying volume for people coming to the story for the first time. But for those of you who have already embarked on Monacello's search for his roots, the concluding adventure of the  'Little Monk' is available here, free of charge, NOW! Just go to the Books logo, Book of the Moment and click on Monacello: Anything but Perfect.
ATTENTION ALL SCHOOLS IN WEST BERKSHIRE In order to raise money for the 2014 BOXFORD MASQUE, I am offering School visits during the SummerTerm 2014. My fee will be donated to the Boxford Masque Fund. Tweet me on @gmccaughrean or contact me through my agents  
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July 30 – August 3: Boxford Masques  Joe Soap’s Masquerade, by Geraldine McCaughrean. Visit for details.   August 23: Edinburgh International Book Festival. I shall be joining Caroline Lawrence at the Baillie Gifford Corner Theatre to talk about our latest books at 2.00 p.m. September: I shall be revisiting The Story Museum to recount some myths and legends. If you are visiting the Exhibition that day come along for 11-30 or 2-00. I would be delighted to see you.
‘ How I made an Exhibition of myself’. The Story Museum in Oxford – if you find yourself in the town, make a beeline for it – come up with some really unusual events.  None is more wildly ambitious than the idea to get 26 authors, dress them up as the story character they liked best when they were children, and get a world-class photographer to take pictures of them.  Cambridge Jones – a fabulously famous photographer of VERY famous people – agreed, and the result is an exhibition which runs from now till November. Each author (actually they’re not all authors) has a room which has been turned into  a story grotto, complete with clouds or trees or snow or a ship’s deck…. Spread over three floors of the vast rambling Museum which used to be a telephone exchange. Jamila Gavin’s is so warm and pretty that it transports you to a foreign land.  There’s a ‘through-the-wardrobe’ Narnia, Philip Pullman as Long John Silver…it seems a shame to spoil the surprise, though. You have to go and see it for yourself. There’s even a recording of each story that you can listen to while taking in the surroundings. Here I am, then.  And no I’m not going to tell you who I am, because you have to guess. But if you want a clue: there’s a very big monster, a very small insect and  a splendid horse. If you want to know more, pay a visit to
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Coming to a cinema near you… Exciting news about The Middle of Nowhere! Good, clever people want to turn it into a movie, shot in Australia. Simon Reade and Guy de Beaujeu  (who made the film of Private Peaceful) think they can make it happen, and I believe them.   Though shortlisted for The Little Rebel Book Award, Middle of Nowhere was pipped at the post by Gillian Cross’s After Tomorrow , a brilliant story based on the idea “These things don’t just happen to other people.  They could easily happen to you.”  Don’t be misled by the name of the prize – I think any young person determined to change the world for the better might be mightily put off and offended by being called a “Little Rebel”, and After Tomorrow is not a  book for littlies but for hulking great rebels aged  ten or more.   The good news is that The Positively Last Performance has been shortlisted for the U.K.L.A. Award  Check out the shortlist yourself, and see if any of your favourite reads of the year have made it into the running.
If you live round my way (West Berkshire) and you’ve been to a Boxford Masque already, you’ll be glad to know there’s a new one coming – the fifth since they began.  If you’ve never heard of them, you might like to know what you’ve been missing. Originally, masques were lavish musical spectacles staged for kings, queens and courtiers.  Early last century, in Boxford, well-to-do Charlotte Peake began writing her own ‘masques’, and got her friends and servants to perform in them.  Her stage was a hilltop hollow, overlooking most of the county.  The Masques became a village tradition. A local man had the idea of reviving the tradition and the first modern Boxford Masque was staged in 2000.  His idea caught on.  Audiences outgrew the hilltop, and last time, the Masques moved to Welford Park in the village next- door. This year the audience is invited to join in the celebrations up at the ‘Big House’ where there are plans to stage a circus.   But wait a minute: how can anyone put on a circus without any talent, animals or exotic wonders?  Maybe by taking a leaf from Lord George Sanger, famed Newbury circus owner and gold-plated fibber…  Enter the anarchic Joe and friends, with their bitter-sweet Masquerade.   With songs specially composed, dancing, lovely costumes, a huge cast of local men, women and children,  a Boxford Masque is always a sight worth seeing.   …And thanks to ‘the Boxford Magic’ we have only ever lost one performance to rain.  Want to know more? Visit the website:
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