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  Stop the Train

Cissy and her family are among the first settlers to make their homes in the new town of Florence, Oklahoma in the 1890’s. The trouble is, the railroad company wants the land for itself and when the settlers refuse to sell their claims the railroad boss swears the train will never stop in Florence again.

Oxford University Press


‘…she writes brilliantly, her vibrant characters come across as more real than real’


‘An absolutely wonderful book – McCaughrean is one of the greatest living children’s authors’



  Show Stopper!

The Bright Lights Theatre Company hit Darkville at 11.28 a.m. The Junker Boys arrive at the very same minute. The Bright Lights come armed with friendship, fun and Shakespeare.- but the Junkers have come to rob the bank.

Oxford University Press


  Not The End of the World

Everyone knows the story of the Flood. The waters that rose unstoppably. The men who survived. The animals that went in two by two. But what about the others? The women and the children. How did it feel to head into the unknown? Could God really mean them to watch people struggling in the water, and do nothing to help? And how did it feel to spend day after day shut up with every kind of animal-- hungry, angry and afraid? This stunning story, sometimes frightening and always compelling, asks what it was really like when the heavens opened and the world drowned -- and what might have happened in the days that followed.

Oxford University Press
Harper Collins (US)


"....McCaughrean recreates the fetid intensity
of that floating zoo with brutal clarity. Her artistry with language is remarkable, her descriptions
so immediate that they occasionally leave one gasping.
This is a tour de force by a brilliant writer."

The Guardian

" The reader emerges from this book battered by horror,
invigorated by the language and infinitely the wiser.

The Sunday Telegraph


The most romantic story ever told. 'The course of true love never did run smooth'. Especially for Cyrano, cursed with a monstrosity of a nose, and in love with Roxanne, the most beautiful woman in town. This beautifully told version of Cyrano's story will touch the heart of anyone who believes in the power of true love.

Oxford University Press

'If Geraldine McCaughrean's proficiency as a storyteller can be encapsulated in a single talent, it is her ability to create a strong and distinct atmosphere in everything she writes.

Educational Supplement

'....a perfectly balanced combination of humour and pathos, imbuing the romance with her own spectacular verbal image.'

Lindsay Fraser
Sunday Herald.

'This book's strength lies in the poetry of McCaughrean's language, the period flavour and the elaborate humour (successfully translated against the odds) and, not least, all those nose jokes'.

Nicolette Jones
Sunday Times


  Peter Pan in Scarlet

Something is wrong in Neverland. Dreams are leaking out - strangely real dreams, of pirates and mermaids, of war paint and crocodiles. For Wendy and the Lost Boys it is a clear signal - Peter Pan needs their help, and so it is time to do the unthinkable and fly to Neverland again. But back in Neverland, everything has changed - and the dangers they find there are far beyond their dreams....

Oxford University Press


‘The official sequel to Peter Pan needs to be an exceptional book, and that’s exactly what we have in Peter Pan in Scarlet ….. books such as this are as rare as fairy dust … what McCaughrean has done is nothing short of miraculous. It’s enough to make you believe in fairies.’

Philip Arlagh

‘McCaughrean’s book, like Barrie’s, is as refreshingly dark and unsentimental as a book about fairies and lost babies can be, and it’s hard to see how she could have done it better.’

Nicola Smyth
Independent on Sunday

‘I loved Peter Pan in Scarlet by Geraldine McCaughrean, I can’t think of another who paints so vividly with words. She is an incredible writer.

Catherine Forde
Books for Keeps

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   The White Darkness

Captain Oates, hero of the Antarctic, has been dead for nearly a century. But not in Sym’s head.

There, he is her constant companion, her soul mate, her advisor, her resort.
It is as if he walked out of the Polar blizzard and into her mind.

In fact, if it were not for Titus, life might be as bleak a place as the Antarctic wilderness.

Then a little holiday with her Uncle Victor makes her ask the question she has long been avoiding: Who but the mad trust for happiness to someone or something that isn’t there?

Oxford University Press

"one of the most remarkable novels for children published in the last fifty years".

Nicholas Tucker
The Independent

It also made a huge splash in America where it won The Printz Award 2008, the most prestigious prize a teenage book can win.

   Tamburlaine's Elephants

Rusti is a Tartar, travelling and pillaging with the legendary Horde of Tamburlaine, Conqueror of the World. He dreams of honour and riches, and is proud to capture his first prisoners - an elaphant and her keeper. Yet amidst the death and destruction, an unlikely friendship takes hold in this breathtaking tale.

Usborne Children's Books

 " The greatest compliment you can pay this book is that, even though it is a work of children's fiction, at no point do you feel you are reading anything other than an adult book."

Phil Kendall, NATE Classroom

"Beautifully written and utterly gripping...
Geraldine McCaughrean is a genius."

Philip Reeve

"Dazzling ... the story surges on with never a dull or unconvincing moment.... Truly memorable, beautifully written and unreservedly recommended."

Books for Keeps

"Compelling..... A breathtaking tale."


"I was totally captivated... I felt I was there amongst the people, the bloodshed, the revenge and the secrets."


The Death Defying Pepper Roux

When Pepper Roux was born his aunt foretold that he would not live past 14 years of age. Throughout his childhood his parents haven’t bothered with him much, knowing that his life would be short-lived. So when Pepper wakes up on his 14th birthday he knows this will be the day that he’ll die. But as the day wears on, and Pepper finds himself still alive, he decides to set off to sea in an attempt to try and avoid death for as long as possible. As time goes on Pepper steps into many roles and personas and has numerous outrageous adventures. But can he stay one step ahead of death? Or will fate catch up with him? And, if he does live, which of his many lives will he choose to adopt? This riot of a story is a wonderful adventure, and Pepper is an unforgettable character who stays with you long after his story has been told.

Oxford University Press


"I was gripped from page one.
A hero for us all to emulate'.
A treat to savour."

Joy Court - Youth Librarian's Group

"From the opening sentence of
this book, you know you are in
masterly hands:..."

Nicolette Jones
Sunday Times

"...a book which is a glorious
endorsement of survival, of life itself ...
It is all great fun, skillfully plotted...
and highly recommended."

Robert Dunbar
The School Librarian


US Edition


Pull Out All The Stops

With diphtheria in town, school a thing of the past,  and her house in ruins, any safe haven looks welcoming to Cissy Sissney - even a derelict paddle steamer stranded in a muddy field. Better still when the boat is home to old friends  But soon Cissy, Kookie and Tibs and their disapproving school teacher find themselves  mere flotsam on the flooded Missouri, members – like it or not – of the Bright Lights, Last Ditch & Final Curtain Company en route for mayhem, drama, narrow escapes, huge gambles, triumphs, disasters  and a hanging.  All aboard for the voyage of a lifetime – there’s no going back!

Oxford University Press


 "This book is a joy from start to finish –
next, please !"

Books for Keeps

“… She is a literary genius possessed of a wild imagination. All her crossover novels are unforgettable, but this latest one is particularly joyful.”

Nicholas Tucker

“One thing you won’t find here, though ? A dull moment.”

Jayne Howarth
The Birmingham Post



Oxford University Press



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